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I built a scrap art table from magnetfishing finds


My city recently outlawed magnetfishing which meant I was suddenly sitting on a large truck, tools and gear that we are no longer allowed to use. Pity.

But with the scrap that I already collected and saved up over the past few months and years I still had enough to build this tire table and I think it turned out pretty cool, don’t you agree?

Finished result first

1. Clean-Up

Weirdly enough metal things found at the bottom of a river are quite muddy, rusty and crusty and so first I had to deal with that.

Luckily that has become a fun ordeal ever since I bought an angle grinder with variable speed control and a wire wheel – that thing clears off everything that isn’t steel in a matter of seconds.

Gotta love this thing

I wasn’t actually aware for a long time that you could get wire wheels for the angle grinder, I had only ever seen them for cordless drills but with the angle grinder you can quickly clean large surfaces with rubbing motions while the little wires scrape off everything that is rust, paint or crusty mud. Apart from holding the angle grinder solidly in my grip the tool does all the work for me and I don’t even have to apply additional force other than the weight of the tool itself.

I prefer low speeds at this point because even that is already plenty fast enough and the full-speed setting makes the angle grinder nearly impossible to hold onto with all that added weight at the front that creates a hefty imbalance at higher speeds.

With the traffic sign done I did the same to a couple of bicycle rims, this is how that looks when you get them out of the water:

That is just one tiny area that we cleaned out in around an hour.

2. Cut the rims to size

For this whole project to work I needed three bicycle rims of the same wheel diameter – luckily not much of an issue as you can see. I might have gotten away with just two but that would have made the whole build a lot harder.

Here you can see how the base fits together.

3. The car tire

The car tyre was also found „during“ magnetfishing, actually it lay on the side of the road on my way back from one trip and I stopped to grab it.

The diameter of regular car tires is pretty much a perfect fit on a 28 inch bicycle rim – sometimes things just work out. Rare, confusing when it happens but I won’t complain.

Here it is – plus cat tax. I ended up putting proper feet on it and cleaning it a little more but that is it.

I hope you enjoyed this build log, I had a lot of fun finding all this scrap and building the table from it. As I type this I have scored a pretty nice apartment in a different state that still allows magnetfishing so I hope to do more projects like this next year when I move.

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