It is done, the first month of my two-year journey to financial freedom and relocation to a rural place lies behind me!

If you want to read the starting post for the journey you can find part 1 here, thanks for reading and I hope you find these updates interesting and perhaps useful.

Let’s see what I have accomplished this month. I want to say it was very productive as I had to set up several things at once just so I can start filling them with content.

The good

  • I set up this site as well as, that one running on Jekyll which is pretty fast out of the box but I might have to change the theme as long code lines are overflowing instead of scrolling and no attempt to fix that seemed to work. It’s interesting though because I’m using Jekyll for that site which makes for a really nice and fast site at no extra cost.
  • I created YouTube channels for both keypressingmonkey and losingmyconnection, no upload thus far and I’m mainly reserving the channel names for now. I am not quite certain yet where I want to go with the channels.
  • I quit several subscriptions, most notably Netflix. It’s not much, but I managed to reduce my monthly expenses by over a hundred bucks in total. Dollars saved are dollars earned.
  • I bought a GoPro Hero 7 Black. I didn’t want to, but my waterproof camera fell into the water a month ago and after long deliberation I settled on the Hero 7 because of that sweet, sweet image stabilization. I expect to get a lot of use out of this with all the YouTube videos I am going to record for the new and old channel.
  • I set up Adsense Auto-Ads, but they screwed up my site (50+ second load times) so I changed to regular adsense ads. I do not expect immediate riches from this, but setting everything up early allowed me to reach my month 3 goal of earning my first dollar with this site in the first month. My ultimate goal is to get to the monthly views necessary to try out some of the big boy ad networks, but I have never worked with them and have no idea if they live up to the hype for a site as small as mine.
  • Unrelated to blogs and channels I started working out and cycling to work more regularly again, this winter I had a really bad phase and could hardly motivate myself. My workout is light, but steady at roughly ten minutes in the morning and evening. I already start to feel much better, the cycling especially does wonders on my mental state.
  • Write a large post about how I turned my truck into a camper / mobile workbench, this will be one of the most fun posts as I really enjoyed the build.
  • Finished three travel report posts, one from this month and two with pictures from a couple months ago with an urbex trip and a moped vacation where I got to metal detect the coast.
  • recorded three new videos for TrashureSeeker channel, got to spend time outdoors and build some fun stuff and finally the videos are getting some attention again after legal issues prevented us from uploading for a long time.
  • The website works and looks really well in my opinion, I am quite fond of the layout. However it is quite slow, as of typing this I’m trying to make the site static for much better speed and security.
  • I got some organic searches according to Google Analytics! I did not expect this, but stats don’t lie 🙂

Overall I feel I have accomplished a lot this month, I did at least one positive thing every single day and if I can keep this up (I should, I did not overwork myself too much) I see good things in the future.

The bad

  • I tried google adsense auto-ads and actually made my first dollar this way (was a goal for month 3) but it turned the site so unusable that I had to switch it off again.
My 24 Month Journey to financial independence - Month 1 1

What even is this mess?

  • At first this wasn’t too bad, the first test only slowed down the page load speed by .2 of a second, but at the worst point I couldn’t even load the wordpress dashboard to disable the ads again. I had to log into the FTP storage to disable the plugin manually.
  • Thanks to this mess I lost all potential of two reddit shares of my post on welding with car batteries that I thought had some nice potential.
  • I put myself on full digital detox for the past few weeks so I haven’t done much work on the site, but I wrote posts by hand that just need refinement next month. This was also really good for me personally, I quit a lot of bad habits and did quite a few changes to my lifestyle that I am sure will pay off even in the short term and certainly in the long run. Plus I can write posts about all that since it fits with the page theme of disconnecting.

I hope you found this post interesting, if you need some more evening entertainment I can recommend our latest magnetfishing video:

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