My first month in money (side income journey 1)


This is it – this site turned one month old! The new one at least, I’ve had the domain name for forever but last month I finally sat down and began working on the layout and some posts.

Tl;Dr: I made almost one buck

Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

My goal for the first month was to afford a cup of coffee at my company’s luxury machine that’s subsidized down to 50 cents. It’s one of those little treats I enjoy far more than their monetary value, that little break on hard days and five minutes of talk to good colleagues.

So I am thrilled to be almost able to afford that every other week of the next month!

Kidding aside I am actually not unhappy about this amount, it shows that everything is working and that isn’t the worst start for a brand new site with just a handful of articles.

Which article did best?

Unsurprisingly the bulk of the money came from my article about my DIY coffee table from magnetfishing finds – unsurprising because it’s the only one I shared online.

I wanted to see if I could a) entertain people with that project and b) whether I could get one or two people to click through to my other posts.

Gotta love statistics, I could read them for hours.

What this tells me is the following:

  • YEAH 1k visitors to my site!
  • NOO not even a minute of average time on my site
  • Pretty high bounce rate, but also an average of 1.44 pages per person. That tells me that several people must have read through all my five articles to get this up so high which is pretty cool.
  • Very few people returned to my site the next day / week (sessions per user) but that does not surprise me. Maybe a journey series like this one can change that a little, but we’ll see.


I like this first month, it was fun to set everything up and I feel like I have finally experimented enough to find a site layout, blog topic and writing flow that I enjoy about a topic I am passionate about. That might not be the worst combination I’ve ever heard and so I look forward into the future of this blog.

Did you find this interesting? If you do I’ll continue this series month over month with detailed reports like this. You can subscribe to get email notifications with This Link or by entering your email address into the slide-in form you will occasionally get while reading this site.

And of course next month I’ll update this article with a link to part two in case you join the party at a later date.

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